Car Wash


Our car wash, located in the underground garage, is operated by River North Car Wash, and provides a variety of services from hand washing to complete detailing.

In addition to the services listed below, we offer, by appointment, 3M Scotchtint window film, bumper repair and paintless dent removal.

All services are done on-site. Please feel free to stop by and see the on-site manager with questions.

Hand Wash

Includes vacuuming of the interior, all glass cleaned (inside and out) and a wipe down of the dash and console
Car: $29
Mid-Size Truck/SUV: $32
Full-Size Truck/SUV: $36
Car - 10 Pre-Paid Washes: $275
Mid-Size Truck/SUV - 10 Pre-Paid Washes: $305
Full-Size Truck/SUV - 10 Pre-Paid Washes: $345

Interior Detailing

Carpets, mats, seats, doors and headliner are shampooed. All leather is cleaned and treated. Vents, cracks and crevices are cleaned. Includes a Hand Wash.
Car: $120
Mid-Size Truck/SUV: $135
Full-Size Truck/SUV: $150

Complete Interior & Exterior Detailing

Includes a Hand Wash, High Speed Buff & Wax and Interior Detailing, plus detailing of wheels, chrome and rubber trim.
Car: $245
Mid-Size Truck/SUV: $260
Full-Size Truck/SUV: $275

High Speed Buff & Wax

We use a high-speed polisher to remove surface scratches and oxidation. The vehicle is then waxed twice. Then the wheels, chrome and rubber trim are detailed.
Car: $180
Mid-Size: $195
Full-Size Truck/SUV: $210

Zymol Hand Wax

A Hand Wax using Zymol Super Premium Carnuba Wax. This service works best on new cars.
Car: $110
Mid-Size: $125
Full-Size Truck/SUV: $140

Wash & Hand Wax

Includes a Hand Wash plus two coats of wax. The car's finish is analyzed to determine what type of wax to use. All chrome is polished and waxed and rubber trim and tires are dressed.
Car: $90
Mid-Size: $105
Full-Size Truck/SUV: $120


Shampoo Floor Mats: $20
Dressing of Interior Vinyl & Dash: $30
Engine Detailing: $60
Clean & Lexol Treat All Leather: $50
Shampoo Carpets: $60
Detail Wheels: $30
Tar Removal: By estimate


Weekdays 6:30 am - 6 pm
Saturdays 7:30 am - 4 pm
Sundays 8 am - 4 pm
Independence Day Closed

Please note that the Car Wash may close when weather is inclement.


River North Car Wash
(312) 527-5800, extension 313