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August 24, 2021

Dear EBC Community:

We continue to ask that everyone follows the City of Chicago’s updated face mask requirement by wearing a mask when inside the Club. When we become a fully vaccinated facility, we will encourage the city to reconsider the mask mandate for the Club. Until they do, it is everyone’s personal responsibility to follow the city’s requirement.

As we have communicated over the past week, we are moving ahead to be a vaccinated facility on October 1. We will begin accepting proof of vaccination tomorrow, Wednesday, August 25. Below is an FAQ about the process with answers to many of the questions that we anticipate you may have.

How do I prove my vaccination status?

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 25, simply bring your vaccination card to the Reception Desk or Member Services, or email a copy of it to vax@eastbankclub.com, and we will note it on your account. This will be the only time we ask you for it, and we will not store it on our database.

What kinds of proof of vaccination are acceptable?

A valid CDC vaccination card showing full vaccination status, a photocopy of the card, or a photo of the card on a mobile device.

Do I have to wear a mask now that the city has reinstated the mask mandate?

Yes. The City of Chicago requires that masks be worn in all indoor facilities. Masks are required unless you are actively dining, swimming, or showering. We hope that once we have fully implemented our vaccine policy on October 1, the city will ease our mask requirement if it hasn’t already done so.

What are the rules for children?

Individuals 16 years of age and older must provide proof of vaccination. Unvaccinated children ages 15 and under will continue to be able to use the Club. Face masks will be required for unvaccinated children ages 2 to 15 regardless of the status of the city’s mask mandate.

If your child between the ages of 12 and 15 has been vaccinated, please provide proof of vaccination, and we will update it in our records.

Will guests be required to show proof of vaccination?

All guests will be required to show proof of vaccination upon each visit to access the Club as of October 1. Masks will not be permitted in lieu of proof of vaccination.

What if I lost my vaccine card?

We recommend that you contact your doctor, clinic, or pharmacy where you were immunized. You may also check the Vax Verify portal, operated by Illinois Department of Public Health.

Will there be a religious or medical exemption?

Any religious or medical exemption requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the views expressed are firmly held beliefs and the medical opinions are sound. General philosophical or moral objections to the COVID-19 vaccine will not result in approval of a religious or medical exemption. EBC retains the right, in its sole discretion, to approve or deny any request for religious or medical exemption. In making its determination, EBC may ask a member for documents to prove the validity of such a request including, without limitation:

  • A fully completed Medical or Religious Exemption Request Form.
  • Notarized letters from clergy, close friends, or family members attesting to the member’s firmly held beliefs.
  • A signed letter from the members’ physician, on the physician’s letterhead and contemporaneously dated, explaining with particularity why the member’s medical condition prevents taking the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • A limited HIPAA waiver allowing representatives from EBC to discuss with the member’s physician details concerning his or her medical opinion asserting that the member cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

EBC reserves the right to submit all documents tendered by a member in connection with a request for a religious or medical exemption to persons engaged by EBC to assist EBC in making its determination. Failure to tender any document requested by EBC in connection with a member’s request for a religious or medical exemption within the time prescribed by EBC will result in automatic denial of the member’s request and waiver of any subsequent request.

Visitors to the Club who receive a religious or medical exemption will be required to wear a facemask indoors regardless of the status of the city mask mandate.

How do I request a medical or religious exemption request form?

Email your request to vax@eastbankclub.com. Please include your name, member ID and the type of form you need. Please allow up to 5 business days for a response.

Will I be required to wear a mask if I received a religious or medical exemption?

Yes. Those who receive a religious or medical exemption will be required to wear a facemask indoors regardless of the status of the city’s mask mandate.

Will EBC require members who have been fully vaccinated per previous CDC guidance to receive any vaccine booster?

We do not anticipate any further proof of vaccination will be required. However, we will follow the recommendation of the CDC’s definition of full vaccination.

What can I do if I am unable to become fully vaccinated by October 1?

If you are not vaccinated and cannot begin your vaccination process in time to adhere to these regulations, you are welcome to freeze your account while your vaccination status is in progress. When your vaccination is complete and you are permitted to return to the Club, we will credit your freeze fees back to your account. Please email memberservices@eastbanclub.com to pursue this option.

Will non-vaccinated members be refunded initiation fees?

Your initiation fees will not be refunded, but if you reinstate your membership at a later date with proof of vaccination, we will waive the reinstatement fee.

Why aren't testing and utilizing masks an option for those with reservations about vaccine safety?

The Club made the decision to follow the science and take action with the most science-based method of keeping our members and employees safe.

Will members and employees be held to the same standards?

Yes. Our employees and members are subject to the same requirements and deadlines.


Please note: This plan is based on the science and what we know today, and it is subject to change based on new findings.