Myzone® Heart Rate Training

Myzone makes your workouts more efficient, more effective and more fun.

Put on your Myzone Physical Activity Belt, and you’re immediately plugged into an online system to track your workouts and your daily physical activity. Check your stats on the large-screen Myzone monitors in the Performance Center or the Club's group exercise studios while you workout. Log-on to the free Myzone app or website to track your progress anytime.

Upload moves and check your stats on the go with the MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt. Users can access their live feed and upload workouts via the smartphone app. The new belt also features a rechargeable battery and usb charging cable.

Live Feedback

Myzone provides live motivational feedback during your workout by providing personalized, color-coded information about your effort, heart rate, calories burned and points.

MEPS (Myzone Effort Points)

Myzone uses color-coded heart rate zones to establish a percentage of maximum effort (intensity) based on your heart rate. Every minute of effort above 50% earns you MEPs. More effort means more MEPs.

Measure Results

As a Myzone user, you can track how your effort is helping you to achieve your goals. Your personalized account will track improvements in weight, body fat, muscle mass and other vital stats, giving you ongoing motivation.

Myzone App

The free Myzone app provides an easy way to review all your Myzone account activity in the palm of your hand. Using your smart phone, you can monitor your live feed, activity calendar, workout graphs and challenges. You can even upload personal before and after shots and keep a picture food diary.

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Myzone belts are available in the Pro Shop, and our fitness staff is here to answer any questions. To set up a new belt, click on the MYZONE BELT REGISTRATION button at the bottom of the page.

MYZONE® Physical Activity Belt: $65

Myzone MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt: $90 plus tax
Myzone MZ-50 Watch: $50