Mixing Up Your Workout

Mixing Up Your Workout

While it’s important to create strong workout habits, it’s key that we don’t let our workouts become routine. Adding variety has tremendous benefits:

Preventing Plateaus

As your body adapts to your workout, the law of diminishing returns begins. Keeping your workouts fresh will force your muscles to adapt to these changes and push you through any stagnation in your progress.

Avoiding Injury

The same daily routine can create repetitive movement injuries that will sideline your workouts. Break up your routines with different types of movement. This will allow recovery, increase overall stability and lower your chance of injury.

Improving Brain Function

Changing your routine creates neuroplasticity in your brain, ultimately making it stronger. While your brain isn’t a muscle, it receives tremendous benefit from exercise and discovering new things.

Creating Joy

The concept of “flow,” losing oneself in the moment of an engaging activity, can create bursts of joy. These “flow” moments lead to an overall increased sense of well-being. Trying new and engaging activities, like a dance class, has been proven to promote happiness.

East Bank Club is a global leader in terms of the varied options for exercise. The club houses over 400 different cardiovascular and strength training machines, and offers over 200 classes per week. With so many options, you might need help figuring out what’s right for you. Here are a few suggestions that can help you break out of your routine and add spice to your workout. 

Let's Dance!

Contrary to what you might think, dancing is not just for those lucky souls with natural rhythm and fluid hip motion. Sometimes the most intimidating dance elements can be the easiest to pick up. It only takes a couple of classes in a certain genre to understand the steps and patterns. The initial awkwardness we all feel when we are “the newbie” is quickly replaced with the confidence of being able to move like we didn’t think possible. From there, dance can sweep you away into a feeling of bliss. 

Aida Johnson-Rapp, EBC Director of Group Exercise, has designed a Fitness Focus for April concentrated on dance. Aida believes a fitness regimen that includes dance is a powerful combination. “Not only will you lose your inhibitions, non-stop dancing burns from 300 to 600 calories per hour which helps shed excess fat,” explains Aida. “Dancing is an excellent fitness activity. The variety and fun reduces boredom and keeps you moving for life.”

Whether you’re channeling your inner Beyoncé, swaying to a Latin beat, or boot scootin’ to Jason Aldean, there’s something for everyone. The Club has a tremendous variety of dance classes and workshops scheduled in April to motivate everyone to join the party. Look for the April Fitness Focus flyers in the Club for all the details, or check the calendar on the website.

Drop and Give Me Twenty

The Club has a range of different boot camp-style classes that are designed to improve all aspects of your fitness level. Regular attendance to these classes builds core strength, cardio stamina, balance, confidence and can even lead to the elusive six-pack. Since boot camps encompass different movements in each class, they are anything but routine. Instructors offer different options for each movement to reflect your capability level from beginner to advanced.

Check the calendar for classes like Body Strength, Basic Training and RIPPED. Take a class in the Performance Center, like Speed Training or Goddess Challenge, and learn new methods for gaining increased performance and pushing beyond your comfort zone.

Pickelball Anyone?

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports activities in the US. It’s fun, fast, and it encourages social interaction. Almost anyone can be a competent player within 20 minutes of picking up a racket for the first time. Think of it as badminton meets ping-pong meets tennis.

The Club has open-play several times a week, and it’s a great chance to drop in and have a blast.

Go With the Flow

While GYROTONIC®, Pilates and Yoga are three different methods, they are related in the sense of creating strength and flexibility through the flow of movement and breath. The benefits of adding this type of exercise to your regimen are significant and include everything from pain reduction to increased peace of mind to body transformation. GYROTONIC® and Pilates utilize special equipment and instruction. Yoga is practiced on a mat and requires minimal props. All three are best started with private instruction or a beginner’s class to ensure proper form, breathing technique and understanding of the movements.

The Club has a large yoga studio on the fourth level with sweeping views of the river and a heat element that creates a 90-degree option for certain heated classes. The Pilates and GYROTONIC® studio is on the first level adjacent to the Cardiovascular Room. Private sessions for all three methods can be scheduled through the Reservations Desk, and beginner classes are listed on the calendar.

Workout With a Splash

Swimming is one of the best overall exercises. This is especially true for people with bone or joint issues. If you have a few old swim team ribbons hidden away in your basement, Masters Swim might be just for you. It’s a great way to swim in a team environment and have a coach hold you accountable for finishing those laps. Swimmers are grouped by level, so you can feel comfortable going at your own pace. The Masters Swim schedule is on the website, and requires no prior registration. Show up to the First Level Pool at the scheduled time, and swim with a team and a coach.


East Bank Club | April 2016