Drop Off and Pick Up

Membership cards must be presented when dropping off and picking up. If you would like to authorize individuals other than yourself to pick up your child, please provide the person's name and your written authorization to a CAC or YAC caretaker. As an added security measure, your child's photo is linked to your account that the attendants see during check in and check out. If your child has an allergy or other restriction, we ask that you inform a CAC or YAC caretaker each time you drop off your child.

Parental Responsibilities

Parents must remain in the Club while their child is in the CAC or YAC. However, we ask that parents limit their time spent in the CAC or YAC to avoid disrupting the other children. Arriving a few minutes early allows time for transition and gives our caretakers a chance to gather any information about the child. We also require that children wear a clean diaper when dropped off at the CAC.

Separation Anxiety

The staff works with children through the difficult stage of separation anxiety. If a child is new to the CAC, or at the peak of separation anxiety, we recommend scheduling 30-minute appointments, and then adding 30-minute increments based on the child's success. If a child has experienced a difficult time remaining in the CAC, we encourage a quick drop-off. After several visits, most children become assimilated and enjoy the CAC.

Personal Belongings

We can store infant car seats, but our space does not allow for the storage of strollers. Strollers may be checked at Coat Check. Please see the Reception Desk when Coat Check is closed. Upon arrival, a caretaker will label all diaper bags, bottles and sippy cups. Please bring diapers and a change of clothing for any child who is not fully toilet trained.


Our caretakers will feed babies at any time throughout their visit. Upon arrival we ask that you fill out an Infant Card to provide our staff with instructions, and that you label your child's bottle. A refrigerator is available and bottles are warmed as instructed. Please leave breast milk in the bottle from which infants will eat. Only two parents may be in the infant room at a time.


We use "stop and cool off" as a means of removing a child from a situation that we believe can cause harm to the child or other children. A caretaker will sit and discuss the behavior with the child before redirecting him/her to a new activity. If we are unsuccessful in calming the child, parents will be asked to remove him/her from the CAC/YAC. When disruptive behavior becomes a pattern, we ask that the child be scheduled during less busy times in order to provide a smaller group and more one-on-one attention.


Sick children who we believe may infect others are not permitted in the CAC or YAC. If a child appears to be sick, we will ask parents to remove the child. Children with diarrhea, regardless of the cause, are not allowed in the CAC or YAC until all symptoms are gone. We cannot accept the responsibility of administrating medication to a child.


A member may arrange a guest visit to the CAC, up to three days in advance, for a fee of $8 per hour. Guests under the age of five may use of the Children's Activity Center anytime with a reservation.

Reservations in the YAC are limited to members only.


Visitors, including relatives and friends of members, are not permitted in the CAC or YAC. Unauthorized adults may not remove children from the CAC or YAC.

Contact Information

In order to reach parents of infants, young toddlers and children new to the CAC quickly, we ask parents to provide their best contact number and location in the Club at drop off. When contacted, please come directly to the CAC or call the CAC. If we contact a parent three times during the child's visit, we ask that the child be picked up. We find an extremely upset child adds to a stressful environment for the child, other children and caretakers.

Snacks and Lunch

Goldfish crackers, graham crackers, animal crackers, Cheerios, milk, apple juice and water are available as a snack anytime of the day. We welcome parents to bring lunch from home or order food from the CAC Grill Menu. The CAC is a peanut/nut-free zone, so any food containing nuts is not allowed.

Food is not allowed in the YAC.

CAC Grill Menu

  • Hamburger and Fries $3.25
  • Chicken Tenders and Fries $3.25
  • Grilled Cheese and Fries $2.75
  • Pasta with Marinara Sauce $3.25
  • Mini Cheese Pizza $2.75
  • Tuna Salad Sandwich $3
  • Hot Dog and Fries $2.75