Seeking the Perfect Exercise? Try Swimming at East Bank Club

Ask Ian Rose, Director of Aquatics at East Bank Club, about the benefits of swimming and his face lights up. “Where to start?” he marvels, and then proceeds to list a multitude of reasons why he believes swimming provides the absolute best overall exercise, and would positively complement anyone’s (and everyone’s) fitness routine.

“It’s the top exercise for staying healthy with virtually no side effects,” Ian explains. “Whether you’re at in peak shape or somewhat frail in health, swimming provides the perfect balance of cardio and resistance training – all within the framework of a buoyant experience that evenly distributes pressure and eliminates stressful impact. A swimming practice can last a lifetime.”

The Aquatics Department at the Club is one of the best in the country. Featuring four pools and excellent instructors and programming, East Bank Club can help you take your swimming practice to the next level, or get you started so you can experience the extensive benefits that swimming delivers.

Cardio Health

Swimming at a brisk rate for an hour can burn more than 600 calories and provide a vigorous cardio workout. This aerobic exercise provides the same heart healthy benefits as other popular cardio activities (running, biking, etc.), and swimming is completely no-impact.

Resistance Training

As you swim, the water acts as a natural resistance, providing a light, consistent level of pressure to activate muscles. While running and biking primarily work out the lower body, and weight lifting targets specific muscles, swimming works the muscles from head-to-toe for a true total-body workout.

Pain Free

Swimming’s real benefit becomes more apparent when you look at what it doesn’t give you. Because swimming is performed in water, there is zero impact on bones and joints, thereby eliminating most of the effects of high-impact exercise. The effects of gravity are also minimized, and your body moves and glides with ease. It’s one of the most recommended exercises of physicians and physical therapists, and is often part of any rehab program.

Breathe Deep

Because the nature of swimming forces a unique, prescribed breathing technique, your lungs get a better workout in the process. Swimming combines long and consistent exhales (face in the water) with short, deep inhales (face out of the water). This breathing pattern greatly improves respiratory muscle strength. Conventional aerobic exercises performed outside of the water don’t provide the same benefit.


Swim drills are the ultimate HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Interval swimming drills interspersed with slower laps provide an excellent workout that torches calories and builds stamina and strength.

Try a Triathlon

Is swimming the only leg holding you back from destroying your next triathlon this summer? We’ve got you covered! East Bank Club has an Open Water Swim Training Program that couples excellent instruction with hands-on experience in the open waters of Lake Michigan to make the swimming leg a breeze. Our instructors will give you the confidence and technique to navigate any issues and be successful in your efforts.

Overall Body Fitness

The term “swimmer’s body” calls to mind someone who is lean but strong with powerful arms and legs, a strong core, and the classic “v-shaped” back – basically, perfect proportions. Just one more reason to include swimming in your regimen.

Getting Re-started?

Is swimming like riding a bike – easy to jump right in and get started after many years outside of the pool? Yes and no. While it’s relatively easy to get started, a few minor adjustments can help you make the most of your experience. Using a swim coach to achieve proper technique and form will vastly improve your performance and help you enjoy your workouts. As Ian says, “Training with a coach is the difference between tolerating it and loving it.”

East Bank Club coaches are trained to make modifications and adjustments to stroke, breathing, speed, and more, to ensure you’re getting swimming’s full benefit. Swimming with the help of a coach should yield positive benefits to your efforts in as little as a month’s time.

New to Adult Swim?

It’s never too late to start a swimming program. From a fitness and safety standpoint, the ability to swim has countless advantages, and East Bank Club is one of the only fitness facilities in the area to offer beginner swim lessons taught specifically with adults in mind. This approach ensures that all resistances are addressed and resolved in a thorough and sensitive manner.

For more details about the Club’s Aquatics offerings, contact the Aquatics Department at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or (312) 527-5800, extension 360.



East Bank Club | April - May 2017